Vienna Waits

At about 7am we all woke up and realised we were already running late after a much interrupted night’s sleep.  The pub crawl involving free beer, wine, vodka & cranberry or absinthe shots (THEY BURN MORE THAN YOU WOULD IMAGINE) had obviously taken their toll on all of us as we emerged bleary-eyed from the hostel into the unforgiving light of day.  I don’t remember much of the morning as a result of my semi-consciousness but I do remember feeling slightly disappointed to be leaving Prague – I know that we’ll only be moving on to more excitement in more European countries but our time here, with our hostel minutes away from the picturesque Old Town Square will be difficult to beat – we managed to fill every day with the perfect balance of culture and sight-seeing, cycling and walking, cheap beer, (cheaper than coke!!! Who could ask for more?!) dancing and Eurotrash.  And we met some great people, too, including a guy from Quebec with whom we shared a very heavy (but very cheap) watermelon, as well as Maz’s various conquests.

We managed to find our way to the right train station at the right time (miraculous if you ask me) and spent four and a bit hours on the train from Prague to Vienna.  The weather here today has been scorching (I’m sure it wasn’t this hot when we got on the train this morning… although to be fair I probably wouldn’t have remembered anyway) and so the rest of today has been spent generally blobbing about in useless heaps, revelling in the amazement that we actually managed to get up to get the train this morning.  In fact, such was the inactivity today that the highlights, and in fact the exhaustive synopsis of our activities reads as follows:

1.  Finding out that free pasta is readily available at this hostel, resulting in a vat full of cooked spaghetti for dinner, which not even Maz could finish off, and could probably feed the inhabitants of Zagreb for at least a year.  Other than free pasta, everything else in this hostel appears to come at some cost, which is why I preferred our Prague hostel.  The general atmosphere here seems slightly more hostile too, probably either because everything seems so antiseptically clean (admittedly our room is very nice), or because the only people we have bumped into here were a group of Irish guys in their mid-20s who seemed to disapprove of my pasta-cooking technique.

2.  A trip to the local Spar to stock up on food after realising we hadn’t actually eaten all day.

3.  The discovery of the game ‘Singstar’ on the Playstation in the small kitchen/common room known as the Backies Area.  We entertained ourselves for most of the evening with this, constantly listening for the possibility of a stranger walking in whilst one of us belted out the chorus of “I Touch Myself”.  Not a fantastic first impression whilst attempting to make friends.  I still maintain, however, that the game was faulty since the microphones seemed to respond better to Nick’s convincing impression of a donkey being raped than any of the rest of our efforts.

And so the day is drawing to a close.  We only have tomorrow left here in Vienna, so it’ll be difficult to fit in everything we want to see in this lovely, but huge, city – thank God we have Nick, his guide book and his meticulous ability to plan in order to make the most of it!

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