Team listed in alphabetical order so as to not encounter any blood feuds.

Rio Field:  Lady of Hungarian descent, fixing us up some decent places in Budapest and Balatonlelle.  She’s kindly taking some time off from her successful vocalising in a band known as Orange Room, who have just played a show at the local Guilfest.  Rocking the noise in Eastern Europe is the next objective.

Maz Phillips:  Marian, as she is rarely known, is responsible for the integral mantra of our trip – “undress me silly“.  To avoid any misinterpretation of this phrase, Maz will accompany us to ensure we properly execute her command.

Nick Manners:  Drummer mentalist and renowned sexual predator, Nick (or No.2 to avoid confusion with our illustrious leader) has grown weary of the female scene in Guildford, prompting him to up sticks and hit Eastern Europe.

Nick Stylianou:  Power-hungry, megalomaniac Greek-Cypriot sees this excursion as the perfect opportunity to leave the UK for the heat to die down.  This weedy foreigner may struggle with his wheeled backpack, over-laden daypack and dSLR, but you’re going to get regular updates and photos…if he survives.

Gill Yeomans:  Speaking of executing commands, Obersturmfuhrer Yeomans will be barking orders at our tightly-knit group with her tightly-wound knitting needles.  Where Nick S may fail, Gill will correct his grammar and ensure our cohesive unit does not falter under the incredible stress of multiple train-connections.

Contents subject to change, and may settle during shipment.  Members may change without notice.  Batteries not included.  More or less everything written is a gross over-exaggeration, or indeed a lie.